Drag Letter.


Drag Letter is an Apple Watch keyboard interface concept designed to increase speed and accuracy.

I designed this concept, helped build a prototype for desktop, and user tested on a tablet computer so users could use touch, which would be the closest to reality if this concept were actually on an Apple Watch. 


You can try it out below! If it doesn't work, try refreshing.

(only available on desktop.)

Drag Letter


To Enter Text:

  1. Click down and hold in a text box area (on the right) that includes the desired character.
    The box areas will immediately change.
  2. While pressing down, move the cursor to the new box area that contains the character.
    Release the click in that box to input that letter.
  3. If you selected the wrong box area, release the click in the center text area instead.
  4. Backspace and space are located at the lower right box of the screen.
e a d
c b
f i h
j g
l n o
k m
p q
t s r
z v x
w u y

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