UX Designer based in Seattle

Hello, I'm Amber. I'm a UX designer from Seattle.


I'm motivated by building and connecting communities through the way technology is included in the spaces and tools around us.

Entered the University of Washington a few years early thanks to the UW Robinson Center's Early Entrance Program and studied Informatics, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. 

A few things I like:

  • Visiting open houses

  • Attempting iPhone photography

  • Bookmarking places on Google Maps
  • Zelda

Send me a message! I'm interested.


Pet Adoption App.

Side project. A better way to browse pets available for adoption.


Fundraising Platform for MSR.

Created a way for MSR's customers to create fundraisers for MSR or contribute to them. Planned implementation by end of year.



A children's clothing exchange app for parents. I led a team through the design process to prototyping.


Harmony OS.

A new mobile OS concept designed for effortless, efficient use and smooth task-switching experience.


Some Other Stuff.


Drag Letter

An Apple Watch keyboard interface concept designed to increase speed and accuracy. Focus placed on UX research and front-end prototype development.


Base Jumping Infographic